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Pinball Machine Hire

Pinball machines are back in vogue and once again a popular piece of equipment for a party!

Pinball Machines Pinball Machine Hire

Our Pin Ball machines provide a huge level of entertainment and excitement to your guests at your party and up to 4 players can play at any one time!

Pinball machines are a great source of entertainment to both old and young (minimum age 10 years), with the various features, flashing lights and fantastic sound tracks.

Pin Ball machines captivate peoples interest for hours on end as no two games played are ever the same!

Every one wants to be ‘The Pin Ball Wizard’…

All our Pin Ball machines are current modern machines, that are well kept, serviced and delivered in a clean, working condition.

We offer extremely generous discounts on equipment hire rates when more than one product is hired, i.e., Daytona and a Juke Box for example, or Pin Ball and Juke Box and so forth!

Please check our 'special conditions' page with regards to our delivery time frames and installations!

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